Mikhail Mishustin(PM) Age, Wife, Early Life, Biography & More

Mikhail Mishustin is a Russian Politician and currently serving as a Prime Minister of Russia since 16 January 2020. He previously served as Director of the Federal Tax Service from 2010 to 2020.

He was nominated for Prime Minister of the Russian Federation by President Vladimir Putin on 15 January 2020, following the resignation of Dmitry Medvedev.

Quick Facts

Real Name Mikhail Vladimirovich Mishustin
Date of Birth 3 March 1966
Age (as on 2020)54 Years
Birth Place Lobnya, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Nationality Russian
Profession Politician, Economist
WifeVladlena Mishustina
Children 3 children
Alma materSTANKIN

Early Life / Career

Mikhail Mishustin was born on 3 March 1966 in Lobnya, a town close to Moscow, or in Moscow itself, to the Mishustin family, Vladimir Moiseyevich and Luiza Mikhailovna.

His mother was born in the city of Kotlas in the Arkhangelsk region. Mishustin’s father, born in Polotsk, Belarus, who was reported of Belarusian Jewish origin, was a member of the Komsomol.

In 1989, he graduated from the STANKIN, majoring in system engineering, and then in 1992, he completed postgraduate studies at the same Institute.

After finishing graduate school, he began working as a director of a test laboratory facility. In 1992, Mishustin began working at the International Computer Club (ICC), where he worked on facilitating the integration of Russian and Western information technologies. He ultimately headed the board of the International Computer Club.

Some Lesser Known Facts

  • On 30 April 2020, Mishustin Mishustin announced that he tested positive for COVID-19
  • Mishustin is married and has three sons.
  • He plays ice hockey. He is also an avid spectator of the sport and is a member of the supervisory board of HC CSKA Moscow.
  • As a hobby, he has written pop music, including for the singer Grigory Leps.

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Political Career

  • Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, along with his entire Cabinet, resigned on 15 January 2020, after President Vladimir Putin delivered the Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly, in which he proposed several amendments to the constitution.
  • Medvedev stated that he was resigning to allow Putin to make the significant constitutional changes suggested by Putin regarding shifting power away from the presidency. Putin accepted the resignation. However, on Putin’s instructions, the Cabinet continued its work as a caretaker cabinet until the formation of a new government.
  • On 15 January 2020, Putin nominated Mikhail Mishustin for the post of Prime Minister. According to Putin, he was offered four candidates, but Mishustin was not among them. As a result, Putin independently decided to nominate Mishustin for the Prime Minister.
  • The next day, he was confirmed by the State Duma to the post and appointed Prime Minister by Putin’s decree. This was the first time ever that a PM was confirmed without any votes against.


  • On 21 January 2020, Mishustin presented to President Vladimir Putin a draft structure of his Cabinet. On the same day, the President signed a decree on the structure of the Cabinet and appointed the proposed Ministers.
  • In general, the government has been updated by half. Only four Deputy Prime Ministers remained from Medvedev’s Cabinet (three retained their seats, one was appointed to another post) and twelve Ministers.
  • According to many political analysts, Mikhail Mishustin is the only one of Putin’s Prime Ministers who truly formed his “own” Cabinet. He gathered a team of his own people and associates.
  • Before that, in the XXI century, only Vladimir Putin was able to do this. In particular, two Deputy Prime Ministers were deputies of Mishustin in the Federal Tax Service. According to experts, this means that Mishustin has carte blanche for changes.
  • On 26 March 2020, Mishustin proposed to restore the Government’s Presidium, a body in the structure of the Cabinet formed to solve operational issues. Previously, such a body existed in the first Government of Medvedev, but in the second Government of Medvedev there was no Presidium
  • On 27 January, Mishustin instructed to form an operational headquarters for the prevention of COVID-19 on 29 January, approved its composition. Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova was appointed its chief.
  • On 30 January, he signed an order to close the borders with China in the Russian Far East.On 18 February, Mishustin signed an order banning Chinese citizens from entering Russia. The ban has been in effect since 20 February

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