Chole Kim, Net Worth, Age, Snowboarder, Biography & More

Chole Kim is an American Snowboarder, she won a gold medal at the age of 17 Years in women’s snowboarder halfpipes. She was Born on April 23, 2000, n Long Beach, California, and raised in nearby Torrance.

Quick Info

Real Name Chole Kim
Age (2020)20 Years
Date of Birth April 23, 2000
Birth PlaceLong Beach, California
Net Worth (as of 2019)$1 Million - $5 Million (Approx.)


Prepare to hear the name Chloe Kim a lot more often. The California native made headlines after winning gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang, South Korea.

But, despite the media coverage, there’s still a lot of things you don’t know about Chloe Kim.

Home away from home Chloe’s journey to the 2018 Winter Olympics is especially rewarding, as the athlete’s parents are actually from South Korea, immigrating to America in the 1980s.

And while Chloe herself was born in America, she still speaks fluent Korean and is obviously proud of her roots. “I can represent my family’s country and like the US as well and I don’t think a lot of people get to do that, so I’m really excited about that opportunity.

” Early beginnings While most kids were learning their ABC’s,Chloe was well on her way to hitting the halfpipe. At just 4 years old, her father, Jong JinKim, bought her first snowboard.

Chloe told Cosmopolitan he did it in order to trick his wife into hitting the slopes with him. “He bought me a $40 snowboard on eBay and was like, ‘Let’s go snowboarding!’ [Not] because he wanted me to be a professional or anything . . . I was the bait.

Chole Kim, Net Worth, Age, Snowboarder, Biography & More

He told my mom, ‘Your daughter is doing something dangerous, so you’d be a bad mom not to come.’ Sounds kind of harsh, but though his wife may not have gotten into snowboarding, at least Jong Jin found a snowboarding partner in his young daughter.

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Daddy-daughter bonding Before ever dreaming about making it to the Olympics, Chloe and her father simply snowboarded for fun, learning the sport together. But while they both started practicing around the same time, Chloe appeared to acclimate to the winter activity more quickly than her dad.

When asked about how long it took for Chloe to become better at snowboarding than him, Jong Jin admitted to NBC News that it happened”right away.”

“When she was five she was already better than me.” “Yeah, he was still falling off the trail when I was cruising by.” As a third-grader, Chloe got the chance of a lifetime when she moved to Switzerland for two years. There, she learned how to speak French, training with her dad when he’d come to visit her.

Together, she and Jong Jin would wake up at 4 a.m., hop on two trains, and then travel via a gondola lift to arrive at France’s Avoriazmountain, where they’d spend the day on the halfpipe.

Now that’s dedication! Making history Though 2018 was her first trip to the Olympics, she qualified once before. Well, sort of. Four years earlier, she scored high enough in qualifying to earn a trip to the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi but wasn’t allowed to go because she was just 13 years old.

She followed that up by making history in2016 at the Snowboarding Grand Prix in Park City, Utah, becoming the first female snowboarder to ever land consecutive 1080’s in competition, which earned her the first perfect 100 scores in women’s snowboarding history.

That was all prelude to her big moment at the 2018 Winter Olympics, where she repeated her signature double 1080 trick, becoming the first woman to land it at the Olympics.

The run earned her a nearly perfect score of 98.25, beating her rival Liu Jiayu of China by nearly 10 points and becoming the youngest female gold medalist in Olympic snowboarding history.

Talk about making your mark! Her No. 1 fan Given her popularity in the snowboarding community, Chloe surely has thousands of fans — millions now, since she’s competed in front of the world at the Olympics.

But she’s had the same No. 1 fan since her earliest days hitting the slopes: her dad, who told CNN Sport he was extremely nervous watching her compete at the Olympics.

“I was very stressed because everyone was saying Chloe was going to win gold but no one knows the result — that I cannot control.

Now I’m happy, all the stress is gone. I’m the dad of an Olympic gold medalist, not many people have this kind of feeling.” Time to celebrate, dad!

Teenage dream Despite her various medals and history-making accomplishments, Chloe is still just a typical teenage girl. She enjoys going for walks with her dog, Reese, hitting the mall, eating yummy snacks, and playing with her hair color.

She even has big dreams for a future beyond snowboarding, as she’s working hard to achieve her goal of attending Harvard University. “And I kind of want to check college out. Do you know?

I’ve never been to a real school before, so what’s it going to be like?” And her dad definitely approves, telling BleacherReport, “We worked so hard. Now she’s going to go to college.

She’s a student, and she’s got to go study hard. Snowboarding is what you do when you’re young. Who knows how much longer she’s going to keep snowboarding? I just want her to study hard.

She’s got to go have a good experience in college. I just hope she lives as a happy girl.” If her focus for the school is anything like harddrive for snowboarding, we’d say Chloe has a bright future ahead of her.

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