Book Review – The Gift of Life: An Autobiography by Aabha Rosy Vatsa

"The Gift of Life": An Autobiography

by – Aabha Rosy Vatsa​

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This Book is Based on Aabha Roy Vatsa, she is a Blogger and wrote More than twelve Books. Her dream of writng Autobiography and she done it.

This book will engage readers of all ages, cutting across caste, creed, and gender, as the soul of the narrative relies on the human element and quest for life’s purpose and the resulting happiness. It is an immensely engaging read that is bound to leave footprints in the reader’s heart.

She was born in Phagwara Punjab, but soon her family shifts to Allahabad. Aabha has two elder and one younger sister. She shares fond memories of her birth town and Allahabad. Her parents wanted a boy, so at the birth of her younger sister, her mother felt sad, and that portrayed the time of the ’70s very well. Despite that, her parents provide a good education, to all the girls. When the author was twelve years old, she had to move to Mongu, Zambia. She dedicates a whole chapter to that part of her life, studies, and African culture. 

She came back to India for college studies and married to Sanjeev. Things took a turn from here. She soon finds out about Sanjeev’s drinking problem, and his behavior after the liquor consumption bothered Aabha for a very long time. Her orthodox family never troubled by Aabha’s difficulties because she became the mother of two daughters, and divorce is a big deal. She tried to be free, but all her attempts go in vain. 

Her family conspired against her, drugged her, even threatened her. Aabha’s sisters are educated, but instead of supporting her, they made the matter worse. Aabha needed a savior, someone whom she can confide in. She finds some solace; while talking to online friends. But inner peace comes from the freedom which she is seeking for so long. When she found herself utterly alone, she shifts her focus to spiritual and religious principles. That’s why the book has plenty of material related to different God/Goddesses, and whereby they inspire the author to keep going. She believes in Karma; her teachings from childhood helped her to get going. She puts her pain into words. 

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